VISION- To spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to help others to grow in the knowledge and truth of God's Word through preaching, teaching, and healing for His glory.

MISSION- To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard  and help churches to greater evangelistic and missions outreach.

Personal Testimony

Howdy Friends,
    I am Patrick Patterson. I was born and raised here in Mo. My parents and grandparents worked with dairy cattle until eventually moving to town. My passion for animals seemed to stay with me in a sense. When I was a child I collected books, toys, etc., that was mostly tied to circus trainers. I see now where their training concepts come into play. In my teens I traveled with friends to help with their family business. Through the summer, we would go to county fairs and I would see all the livestock and it would just give me a yearning to be around it. So I got a job working with horses and several types of trainers and soon became an assistant manager for a major horse breeding facility.
    I then pursued rodeo, starting with bulls, to bareback horses, and then a little saddle bronc. I then set my goals towards helping others through laughter and cowboy protection as a rodeo clown and bullfighter. I then moved from there, still searching to fill an empty spot in my life and started going to horse shows, team pennings, trail rides, etc.
    About the time I got into rodeo I had made a commitment to the Lord. To say the least I went back and forth with lordship issues and having head knowledge, but no personal relationship or change of heart. I struggled for years "playing church," trying to achieve a relationship with Christ on my own. That failed, but in 2004 atop a mountain at a Christian ranch (Miracle Mountain Ranch) in Pa., God began to open up my heart. I was training and capturing the heart of my mount, when God revealed to me I needed to make a heart change so I could have a personal relationship with Him.
    Folks, I came home and SCRM was started, today we teach through the horse about a relationship with God and biblical principles. Through broken relationships, unhealthy patterns, etc., the Lord has taken this broken down cowboy and gave him a message to help others through the trials and errors of another to help light the way. I give Him all the praise and glory. It is my responsibility to use it for His glory.                               God Bless

"" When God speaks through horses"
Mark 16:15
Mount of Transformation LLC